Frequently asked questions

What is an VTPhone?
An VTPhone is a virtual phone number on the cloud. This virtual number allows you to take mutiple calls at the same time, devise intelligent call flows, play an IVR greeting, record calls and perform specific actions when you receive a call etc.
How many minutes of usage do I get?
VTPhone works on a credit system and 1 credit = 1 rupee. For eg. In a Rs 18,000 plan you have 4000 credits. You can use these credits for incoming calls, outgoing calls and sending/receiving SMS.
I want to have more that 6 agents what should I do?
If you’d like to add more than 6 agents to your VTPhone account, you can do so at a charge. Every additional agent will be charged at Rs. 399/month. You could also pay a flat fee of Rs. 1800/- per month and add unlimited number of agents.
Can I make international calls or send international SMS?
At the moment, international calls and SMS are not supported.
Do you have a fair usage policy (FUP) for monthly usage?
We do not have any FUP for monthly usage. Your usage can vary according to your business needs.
Do you have any restrictions on the number of channels allocated to an account?
We do not have any channel restrictions. Depending on the resources available to you at your end, you can technically receive unlimited concurrent calls.
What forms of payment do you accept?
You can make a payment via credit card, debit card, net banking or cheque.

Our Pricing

Rs. 18,000
6 months validity
Rs. 14,000 rental
Rs. 4,000 Call/SMS balance
6 Agents
2 VTPhone
Unlimited Channels
Multilevel IVR
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Rs. 33,600
12 months validity
Rs. 23, 101 rental
Rs. 9,500 Call/SMS balance
6 Agents
2 VTPhone
Unlimited Channels
Multilevel IVR
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