Barcode Registration (EAN-13/UPC)

Get Lifetime Barcode Registration for Your Brand

A barcode solution for retailers including 100% guaranteed solution for all of your barcode needs….plus after-the-sale support

Barcode Registration : No Renewal Fees – no hidden charges. We provide a barcode solution that helps you get your products in stores or on-line fast.

Choosing the right barcode partner is critical.  George Laurer, the inventor of the UPC barcode says, “To be considered for distribution by most large retail channels, the UPC / EAN-13 number must be legitimate. Get caught using a fake or simply copied UPC / EAN-13 code and your credibility with the retailer is finished.”

We provide a barcode solution that helps you get your products in stores or on-line fast. No Renewal Fees – no hidden charges.

Free Registration of your products in the official Barcodes database allowing your products to show up in many of the smart phone scanner apps, Google and Bing allowing for more selling opportunities

Think about when you go for EAN-13 Barcode Registration.

When you purchase, you will receive EAN barcode numbers and graphics, certificate of authenticity, ownership documents, and an Excel list of numbers so you can do business right away, all by digital download.

Our goal is to provide barcodes at a very fair price backed by world-class phone and email support for our clients. We believe that our clients are our most valuable asset. We appreciate you and know that without out you, we wouldn’t be in business.

Verit Technologies provide UPC and EAN bar code numbers, EAN and UPC barcode graphics, a list of all of your numbers, a certificate of authenticity, phone & email support and a Support. Get Barcode Registration.

You will need one UPC/EAN for each product that you are selling regardless of the quantity of these items being sold.

(Example: If you have 1 item and are producing 10,000 of these, you need one barcode.)

  • Getting a EAN-13 — means first joining a group to get assigned a unique
  • identification number
  • Membership can be pricey — an initial fee of least INR 44000, plus annual renewal fees starting at INR 4000.00
  • Save money by using a EAN code reseller, but if you’re selling through major retailers, this isn’t an option.

You have two choices when you need to buy a barcode or block of barcodes. You purchase directly from the GS1

(They charge a minimum of INR 44000.00 plus a yearly renewal fee as well not less than 100 barcode.) or you purchase from us, we do not charge set-up or renewal fees.

****Before you buy a barcode, Please take a look comparing with other barcode providers in India…and feel free to email us or call us @ 9711241822

You can query our product database by category, UPC, name or even specific features.

We are currently tracking over 20 million products – across a wide variety of categories – for which we provide constantly updated prices for each of the sellers and also very detailed structured data (up to 50 fields -UPC, EAN, description, features list, description, image, etc…)

Picking the right provider:

can help save you money and keep your business running smoothly.

  • Expand geographical reach
  • Wider customer base
  • Increased visibility through search engine marketing

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